‘But my people dem go say I no want kpai I no want die I no want kpeme I want enjoy I want chop life I want buy motor I want build house I still want turn up’ YE by Burna Boy.

First, can we acknowledge the jam that is this song and the genius that is Burna Boy. I had been a white-man-dancing to this song for ages till one day I decided to pay attention to the lyrics. I could not understand A SINGLE WORD! So I kept listening to it on repeat and only after my fifth listen did I decide to just google the lyrics. Granted, I have never been the greatest at deciphering lyrics after listening to a song.

The lyrics up there are the bridge of the song, heavily laden with Yoruba slang which I don’t understand. That means my interpretation will be on point or offensively wrong. My money is on offensively wrong. That said, the bridge alludes to the lives of millennials and middle income earners and generally anyone who is on social media. Keeping up with the joneses is an idiom that explains the natural human reflex of comparing oneself to their neighbors and using said neighbors as the standard measure of how well one is doing. Now imagine seeing the best parts of the lives over a million neighbors on an hourly basis. Obviously you’ll want to turn up every weekend so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the best parts of your youth and still want to buy your first car at 23 because an 18-year-old woke up in a new Ferrari. The effect of social media might not be as adverse as I have described but they are still present. Most of us are confused about what we really want and popping into Instagram for a second just throws us off. It’s no wonder many Ted talks by people who went off social media or people advising us to quit social media are up, forgetting that they have that platform because of social media. I guess it’s all about being intentional with your consumption. Concentrate on how the people you follow make you feel. If you don’t like the person you are after, unfollow or block. But idk though. (If you get that reference, we need to be friends.)

The social media conversation has been had countless of times and social media has become such an integral part of our lives that I don’t think it’ll ever stop being a topic. This article can be considered, ‘Another one for the archives’. Now go ye and listen to Burna Boy.

P.S.: I just realized the pun in the last statement.

By Candy Ading

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