Why I Would Do This Again! SUFFESA Team Building

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I can say that the SUFFESA team building was not what I expected. It was much more. Since I joined SUFFESA, all I have seen is growth and improvement with each academic year. The fact that there is a platform for Finance and Financial economics students to come together and because of a harmonious mindset and similar interests, we are able to easily connect. Not to get me wrong about the relevance of the trip but it’s purpose was to confirm what was already there and to only make it stronger.

I asked some members what they thought of the trip and I got the same reaction. It was simply awesome. We were all equally excited and expectant of the day. I enjoyed seeing the students of Strathmore University from all years enjoying themselves outside the context of economics and financial modelling. It was good to know that we had so much life and we could actually have some fun. I had a chance to talk to one of the former club officials who is also proudly one of our own in the student council. Yeah, I was elated because I seldom talk to any of the seniors. This was interaction that rarely happens in school and for a day, we could learn so much from one another.

We engaged in many activities that forced us to work more as a team. From that, various unknown traits and abilities were realized. We could see the competitive zeal in those you could easily dismiss as weak; we could hear the enthusiastic cheer at victory in the calm and collected. Most importantly, we got to know one another better. The site, Fisher’s camp overlooking Lake Naivasha, was such a beauty and the environment so serene. The weather, perfect for the outdoor activities.

I appreciated the fact that the fourth and third years were the majority in attendance despite their busy schedules and the magnitude of their workload. It just went across to display what SUFFESA meant to them and how willing they were to clear the day to spend time with the team. One of them said to me that they knew that they had so much to do but they wanted to be there more than anything.

I can also say that the meals were worth every single coin we paid. The group was replenished by a self-service buffet with a variety of tasty delicacies. Honestly, I ate to my fill and I felt like I had ripped them off.
All in all, I would do this once again for many reasons but mostly because we all had a jolly time and bonded over a short while. At the end of the day, friendships were made, unity was fortified and SUFFESA was a better team than it was previously.

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