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“Last Monday we saw the President call out his Deputy, indirectly of course, for politicking too much. It got me thinking, is the DP politicking too much at the expense of much needed development? ” Baba Boi started.
“Quite coincidental because I also had that thought. Though I think he is doing just fine. Ama what do you think Mwaniki?” I asked.

“A good leader is one who let’s his/her record speak for them Githinji. The DP, having one of the biggest offices this country has, is in a position to lobby for life-changing projects for this nation. One of his major roles is to ensure that Kenyans who turned out in large numbers in August last year don’t get the sense that their five years of hope are being wasted. I believe he should work tirelessly,
offer servant leadership with regards to improving the lives of many Kenyans, and this is something he voluntarily promised. He ought to invest his energy in ensuring that the Government is development-oriented and should be at the forefront of fighting the corruption that has assailed the better part of the administration—”

“But—” Jaduong tried to interrupt.

“But sadly he seems to be more politicking than working. What Kenyans need now is someone who can bring positive change in this country; make our systems run smoothly-from health and education to infrastructure. If he gives Kenyans justice in terms of service delivery, then there will be no need to politic, since Kenyans will have made a decision come 2022. But knowing it will not be a walk in the park, he is doing all he can to secure his dream. Kenyans need cure for what is ailing us, not politics.”

“Mwaniki I get your point but you’re forgetting something, “ Jaduong started.
“Which is?!” Baba Boi asked.
“What politicians do is politic, and the DP is a politician of long standing. To even state that his visits across the country impede development is to miss the point. And I am pretty sure that were the Deputy to sequester himself in his office and fail to show up, Kenyans would be on his case. Any time things seem to go wrong, we are quick to ask where the President and his Deputy were when it took place. We must be realistic enough to accept that they must go round the country to get a first hand impression of what is going on. Those who have been listening to the DP in the last few months of his tour will have noticed that his message has always been to politicians to stop unnecessary talk and embark on real development—”

“And if you’re keen to note, his politician friends are the ones who keep bringing up the topic. For instance after the ‘Great Handshake’, most of the Jubilee politicians, especially the ones under the DP’s side kept speaking of how the opposition leader was using the handshake as a stepping stone towards overthrowing the DP come 2022,”I added.

“Our politicians are quite the comedians,” laughed Baba Boi. “Back to you Jaduong.”
“Yes. As I was saying, the DP’s main work is actually to inspect what has been started and urge those lagging behind to put in the work needed. He cannot do that sitting behind his well made mahogany desk in his opulent office in Nairobi. It is not for the DP to decide which project is started where; that is the work of the county governments, which must set their priorities. Thereafter, the county governments can seek the national government’s help where necessary. Let’s cut ‘yule jamaa Wa kutangatanga’ some slack.”

“Whether he politics or not, I believe the most important factor is that the growth of the nation is not deterred in any way and all the needs of Kenyans are met. If we cannot have lunch at peace because of fear of theft or terrorism then the government has failed. If we cannot see our tax being put into use then the government has failed. Whether they politic or not leaders have an obligation
to serve the Kenyan people,” spoke Baba Boi.

By Victor Githinji. Victor is a writer, blogger and student at Strathmore University.

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