If you need inspiration, Imagine the future, If you need strength, Read the scriptures, If you seek joy, Try finding yourself, For few ever get to know, What their true selves hoard. By Ken Musembi

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Legend of The Night

Roaming the streets under the moonlight, Is an Angel fallen, fallen from the light, Her beauty and grace ever so remain, Visible even in the night, Pureness marred by clots of shame. With none to answer her plight, She fishes with a long hook, Soul condemned for eternity, Forgive her father, for she has sinned, […]

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Poetic Justice

My energies depleted, My heart torn to shreds, My soul, a dark void.   So I choose, To let you go. To try and survive. Without you.   It may be easier, To just bury my love, To keep it tucked away, Deep inside some unknown crevice.   You are now free to leave.   […]

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Mama always said, Good love is hard to find, That’s why you have to wait my dear.   Nothing good is ever easy, Nothing worthy ever cheap.   Trust in the wait my dear, Don’t be scared of waiting.   Learn to be patient, Occupy yourself, Focus on you, Better yourself.   You deserve to […]

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