Information byte: Vacancy of a Student’s Council Office.

It is my observation that the Strathmore leadership is organized and is almost as equal to a stable country’s leadership policy. From debates to campaigns in the civilized way, it is safe to say that the above is true. The student council aspirants are made accountable for their actions. Our previous school president popularly known […]

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stop fossil fuels

Stop Fossil Fuels

In 2012, Kenya began oil exploration activities in the Ngamia-1 well. The drilling was successfully conducted by Tullow oil. This further led to successful oil exploration in the South Lokichar Basin at Amosing, Twiga, Etuko, Ekales-1, Agete, Ewoi, Ekunyuk, Etom, Erut and Emukuya.  Propositions have been made to the Kenyan government by Tullow and its […]

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