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Ndegwa Power: The legacy

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This August sees the Strathmore community at the end of the term of the 9th Student Council. It’s been a big and busy year in the school and as a school we have a lot to look back on. From the Culture week to mental health week, cafeteria student tenders to the just recently launched Strathmall. Let us not forget the launch of the Stratizen, the first student run magazine in Kenya.

At the helm of that leadership was Alex Ndegwa, a fourth year law student and the Stratizen wanted to see how the students felt about his leadership and its impact on the Strathmore community. To do this we spoke to different members of the school to get their take on his leadership and his term.

His colleagues in the Council heralded him for a few reasons. Described by his colleagues as passionate, driven, ambitious and visionary, this is what a few of them had to say.


‘’Working with him in the Council has been a great experience for me because I have come to learn the meaning of transformational leadership through his guidance as our President. He made sure that everything that we did was bigger and better than what had been done before, and this made me dream big whenever it came to anything we were doing. Mediocre work had no place in this Student Council and as a result, his term has by far surpassed what everyone expected when we got into office last September.”

Jeffery Murerwa, Academic Representative, 9th Student Council.


‘’He is one to never be short of brilliant ideas and also makes sure that ideas are executed. Whenever there were any hiccups or challenges encountered, he would immediately come up with a solution or alternative. I am proud to have had the chance of serving in the same council as him and am glad to be able to call him a friend.’’

Jermaine Coelho, Public Relations Executive, 9th Student Council.


Ndegwa Power
Ndegwa Power

According to the students, Alex was impactful for more reasons than one. The initiative for the Presidential report was greatly appreciated for keeping the students up to speed and giving a heads up on opportunities to come. A sentiment shared by both the students and council members was the impact in the entrepreneur community which was felt heavily. Alex pushed for flea markets till they became a regular part of the events style of the school. This entrepreneurial spirit was seen in the student tenders for the cafeteria and the launch of the Strathmall.

For the first time, the Strathmore Council was put on the map when he entered the university student politics scene standing with public university students during the lecturer strikes and hosting fora within the school for councils across the country. His major rhetoric, students need to unite and support one another if the affairs of higher education are to be addressed, it was appreciated that he was at the forefront of that charge.

Students felt that he was in touch with student affairs. This played out in his active social media presence and the use for council and personal purposes. He delivered on promises and this was a big one with students.

From the administration, I had a chat with Dr. Paul Ochieng the Dean of Students. He shared the sentiments and impressions of the students and had a different take to it. The success of the 9th Student Council was a team effort. Given that the team had only 9 people, on-going students all of them it really did need a strong team to pull of what is now going down in Student Council history as a momentous and exciting term and a testament to the possibilities of the community that is Strathmore. Most notably was the way in which the Council brought the mechanism that is the Council to the students. Along with their leader, they took seriously the business of presenting endless opportunities, attending to various needs and promoting the Strathmore student agenda. This Council succeeded in streamlining the funding of the Elimisha Stratizen initiative, revived the social media presence and the mental health agenda with Strathmore University, cleaning up house on a projects started by previous Council. This Council enhanced communication between the student body and University administration. The Council brought high level of thinking about issues and pursuing goals which was credited to the great exposure that the members of the Council have had to international universities and industry leaders. According to him, Alex had a great team and brought effective leadership and great team dynamic to the table, he pulled together the incredible resources of great and high performance individuals and we had the 9th Council.

On the whole, as president, Alex has been deemed impactful on the students and the Strathmore community on the whole by us.

The Stratizen salutes Alex Ndegwa and the 9th Student Council. You served us well.

Ndegwa Power
Ndegwa Power

By Judy Muriuki.(Judy is a writer and a law student at Strathmore University.)

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