Information byte: Vacancy of a Student’s Council Office.

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It is my observation that the Strathmore leadership is organized and is almost as equal to a stable country’s leadership policy. From debates to campaigns in the civilized way, it is safe to say that the above is true. The student council aspirants are made accountable for their actions. Our previous school president popularly known as Ndegwa Power achieved majority of the manifesto from construction of lavatories in the field to enabling a successful stratifest to name but a few. This does not happen in our country where a leaders promises us regularly on what they intend to accomplish and they fail to achieve it repeatedly. Sadly, they are voted repeatedly.

There are certain rules in the student council constitution that guide on vacation of office of the student council. Majority of us have not gone through it so I will lay it down to you below;

A member of the Student Council shall vacate office when the member:

  1. Completes his/her term and a newly elected office bearer is inaugurated in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution
  2. Ceases to be a student of Strathmore University
  3. Submits a letter of resignation to the Dean of Students, which explains the reasons for the member’s resignation
  4. Is suspended from the University for a period more than four weeks
  5. Is found guilty of violating this Constitution, the University’s Statutes, Rules and Regulations governing students conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook.
  6. Has received more than one warning letter from the University for contravening the regulations governing student conduct as contained in the Student Handbook,
  7. Is convicted of a criminal offence by a court of law in the Republic of Kenya
  8. Is unable to execute the functions of his/her office because of infirmity of mind or body.

If an office in Student Council becomes vacant, the vacant office shall be filled as follows;

If the office has no deputy, then the electoral committee shall conduct a by-election to fill the vacancy until the end of the term.

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