garbage in garbage out

Garbage in Garbage out


It is true that you are what you eat. This is evidenced by the famous bible story in the book of Daniel, the story of Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. During the reign of the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar, the young men were to be trained in the royal court in readiness for service. They were to eat and drink off the kings table. These four young men however refused to defile themselves with the food being consumed at the king’s court, rather they chose to have nothing other than vegetables and water. At the end of ten days having only consumed vegetables, it was discovered that they were healthier and more beautiful than all the other young men in the royal court. What they chose to eat resulted in healthier bodies.


The same is true in the world of computer science and mathematics where the term GIGO (Garbage in garbage out) is often used. The quality of output is determined by the quality of input. If a mathematical equation is improperly stated it is improbable that the outcome shall be correct. Computers just process the information that is fed into them and churn out results based on that. It is therefore impossible for 2+2 to ever be 6.

It is said that the human brain is the most advanced computer; I don’t know who said that but just flow with it, okay? Therefore the conclusion that what we feed our minds determines our output cannot be disputed. The words that you speak determine what you shall achieve. An example is a form one student, having been in two chemistry classes and coming to a conclusion that chemistry is hard, is most likely to fail throughout her high school days, simply because of what she told herself and believed as true.


The importance of speaking it into existence can therefore not be underestimated. If you tell yourself it can’t be done, you risk not achieving it at all.You cannot climb the hill of success while dressed in the attire of failure. The first step of success is believing it is achievable then working towards it. Speak words of affirmation. Feed your mind with garbage and the outcome shall undeniably be garbage.


By Steve Ochieng, (Steve is writer for the Stratizen and a student at Technical University of Kenya.)

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