Start up Desk, The Stratizen
Start up Desk, The Stratizen
Getting It Done, The Stratizen

Getting It Done, The Stratizen

By: Ivanarita Leona Aburili

Most of us dream of getting jobs in the largestcompanies in the country that assure us of a stable pay, insurance and job security.

There is an assumption that entrepreneurship is mainly meant for the students who major in that field in university.  We asked many students if they would like to start their own businesses and their response was a little disappointing. Some said it was “just not their thing”, others stated they had “no ideas” and are “not risk takers”. They lacked capital and funding options and various other reasons. This is alarmingly sad considering that there is a serious problem of scarcity of jobs in the country.

In this article and those to come, we will be featuring entrepreneurs to inspire us with their stories and to motivate us to go in the same path or pursue our dreams.

Acoustic Guitarist, The Stratizen

Acoustic Guitarist, The Stratizen

For now, I will give you my perspective on why you should be an entrepreneur.You have entire control over your destiny. Isn’t that amazing? As the youth, our perspective of life is often misunderstood. Over the years we are lucky that the world has become open minded on our ideas and has started adopting our choice of dressing, music and a lot of other stuff they previously shunned. Starting your own business literally gives you the opportunity to express what you love to help you make money from it. You are allowed to turn your passions into business(s).

You literally have control on who and what represents your brand. Even more reason to be an entrepreneur. Think of banks where you have to wear suits literally every day, working with people very different from you and who are never on the same page as you. If you are not that kind of a person, imagine having a business where you literally can select your dress code and work with a team that you selected which share an equal drive and passion. You control your corporate culture. This where I expect you to say “#GOALS!”

Your mind will always be utilized. Working in places full of rules where you are the subordinate could limits you from expressing yourself fully. Many people who are working for others always complain of how their bosses never implement their ideas or rather they take credit for their ideas. So sad. Having your own business alleviates that. Everything, from the goal setting, branding, growth and concepts will be from you, unless you want a second word. Your choice!

You provide opportunities for family members and have the opportunity to give back. Isn’t that beautiful? At least you are sure of financial security for your family and you are able to provide employment for others which is great since, you will be solving the unemployment crisis. You get the opportunity to support local charity events, schools and activities.

Lastly, you go through boundless life experiences. Having an employed job, depending on the nature of the job, expects you to sit behind a desk or a given employment context. The only opportunity you get to leave that position will depend on your boss. As an entrepreneur you tend to travel a lot, interact with many people are presented with various opportunities. Those conferences people go to and complain of getting tired will be an opportunity for you to travel and interact with people of all rankings. Remember you get to be an executive regardless of the type of your business.

These probably will not be enough to push you to start a business. You do not have to have the most unique idea or some sort of innovation. You just have to have the drive and passion. Capital should be the least of your problems. You can get various forms of financing if you have need a source of capital.

An entrepreneur is a risk taker. Take the step today and implement what you have in mind for a business. An idea is useless until implemented. Have a lovely entrepreneurial week people.


A hard thing is done by figuring out how to start
~ Rand Fishkin

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